Food Near Me-How to Find Restaurants Near You on Android

Finding restaurants and food near us is not a big task in today's world, after all we have got so many technologies and facilities but still there is a large proportion of population which doesn't use this technology when needed, they still keep wondering "where is the food near me?", at that time they forget that the answer is lying within their pockets.
The best part is it doesn't need any installation process, if you are out of data and a limited data is there even then it will work since it doesn't consume that much.

Find Food Near Me

Now lets come to the main section of this post i.e help you find the food around you. Although there are many methods which you can use but this is dedicated to android users.

What Do I Need to Find Restaurants Near Me?

Well there are no high requirements but still it's our duty to tell you. These are the basic things you would need

  • Android phone
  • Internet connection
  • Your own voice.
You might be thinking android phone and internet connection are okay but what do "voice" has to do with finding restaurants. Please keep reading, you'll get to know soon.

Now all you have to do is follow these simple short steps and you'll get the list of restaurants and food hubs around you within a couple of seconds only.

Here you go with the short instructions:

food near me

1.) On you android phone visit the Google now app which has a speaker button.
2.) Press that speaker/mike button and when it prompts the screen to speak then you have to speak.
But what you'll have to speak in order to get and find restaurants? We have a short list of pre-defined set of words that will give you results immediately.

You may speak any of these short sentences and it will display the result immediately:

  1. Restaurants
  2. Food near me
  3. restaurants near me
  4. restaurant around me
  5. hotels near me
Keep one thing in mind that you speak clearly, if you try to speak in an alien or fake accent then it may not understand the language, so speak clearly and it will locate the food hubs near you.

You may speak any of these, all of these will give you the list of food chains around you. Enjoy and have tasty and healthy food wherever you go.


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